Alpert Medical Center at Brown




The Alpert Medical Center is a revitalization gem in Providence's Jewelry District. In the 19th Century, the area was home to a large number of jewelry manufacturing companies. However, in the 1970’s a new highway was constructed that separated the Jewelry District from the rest of downtown and the area fell into disrepair. After the highway was rerouted in the late 2000s, the area was ripe for redevelopment. The Alpert Medical Center, which houses Brown University's Alpert Medical School, was the first lynchpin in that revitalization effort. Urban Atlantic's $10 Million Allocation leveraged over $72 Million in project costs.




Providence, RI


Sponsor Developer

Brown University


Public Partner

City of Providence



260,000 SF

Closing Year



Project Type



UA NMTC Allocation

$5 Million