For us, building community starts by creating great places that are healthy, vibrant and diverse. We are committed to long-term sustainability, environmentally, socially, and economically.



Reducing the “carbon footprint” of the built environment.


Community & Building Design

For Urban Atlantic, environmental sustainability is a baseline criterion for evaluating and executing every real estate development, acquisition and investment opportunity. From infrastructure and building systems design to construction materials and methodologies to long term operations, protecting the environment is among our top priorities.



Urban Atlantic’s commitment to the environment goes beyond this baseline to ground breaking innovation. For example, our Parks at Walter Reed redevelopment features a privately-owned, campus-wide microgrid for both electric and thermal energy that is designed to ultimately achieve carbon positivity. Our Urban Ingenuity affiliate was one of the first companies to be selected to administer a local jurisdiction’s Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program and remains at the forefront of clean energy and energy efficiency finance.



Urban Atlantic works closely with local community residents, businesses, and public partners.

We ensure that our developments and investments are aligned with their priorities and needs. Our work extends beyond the built environment to investing in “whole communities” for long term sustainability – local business development and contracting, workforce development, local nonprofits, education, the arts, retail amenities, health care, recreation, senior care, safety, and transportation.

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Identifying, structuring, executing and managing developments and investments to produce strong financial returns.


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